This is the 2nd edition of this knowledge book. The first was published in 2009 and is out of print. 10 new topics have been added.

1375 years of foreign domination, has caused enormous damage to the understanding, indeed the very basis of the Sanatan Dharm. Such a deep wonderful river of knowledge has gone subterranean.

When grown ups are clueless as to the percepts, stories and the lore, what do we say to the innocent children, who can't be bothered by what the word HINDU stands for. This alarming trend, was the genesis of this book.

Some basic answers to the questions and explanations of the "unexplained" have been presented in short chapters, covering the wide gamut of the beautiful 'Sanatan thought'. The objective is to uncover, understand and enjoy the enormous treasure that our sages have left us.

Specially useful for NRIs & westerners who are in search of the SELF.


It is a collection of miraculous true incidents, over many years. The enormous yogic power of the GURU knows no physical or mental boundary. Such incidents when recounted to me earlier, were dismissed forthwith. When things started happening to me or in my presence, my mind's closed-door was opened to a breathtaking, beautiful, unseen world. These miracles and unexplainable incidents do not contain spiritual experiences. But they are so astounding and mind blowing I had to record them.

I certify that they are ALL TRUE.

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आदरणीय अग्रवाल जी ने अत्यंत सुगम व रोचक भाषा में गुरू का महत्व बताते हुए तत्वज्ञान की गूढ़ बातों का निरूपण किया है। उपनिषदों, गीता, कबीर एवं नानक वाणी सबका सार इस पुस्तक में है । जीव , आत्मा, परमात्मा के शाश्वत संबंधों का विवेचन किया है । युवा पीढ़ी के लिये यह पुस्तक प्रेरणादायी है । 🙏प्रणाम व साधुवाद ।.
मनीषा बिरला- Frankfurt Germany
I just finished reading 'Who Am I' and I cannot tell you how fortunate I feel for picking up this book. I really liked the easy flow of your book. Thanks to you, I have got a slightly deeper insight into our religion and now I look forward to expanding my knowledge..
Akanksha Bhatt
This book surely contains the knowledge of the ancient Rishis, which is hard to find in this present age. The author shares his Gurudev's wisdom on diverse spiritual topics and reveals the true inner meaning of many Hindu ideas and scriptures. This book not only reveals these deeper truths, but inspires one to take up the practice of spirituality in one's own life, so that we may realize these truths for ourselves! Such has been my experience after reading this book- it led to the deeping of my own spiritual practice, and even the priceless gift of meeting my own beloved Gurudev.
Nick Picciani - USA
Great work, writing a book is not an easy job and you have written more than one. I have attended a few of your Gita sessions and learnt a lot. You are lucky to get a guru in this life and writing his teachings is a great job. Feel proud to be a friend of yours.
Ravindra Jain - Jaipur

Jitendra Agarwalla

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The treasure that is Sanatan Dharm has been obscured by destructive forces of invasions. Even the most devout don't comprehend. We shall attempt to get the original word from our scriptures and provide cogent explanations for the benefit of the layman devotee.

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